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Initial Word Vomit

Well, I am less than 2 weeks out from flying to Grenada and starting what can colloquially be said as “the rest of my life”.

To be honest, I am more nervous (read: terrified) than I am excited. A couple days ago it was the other way around. Suffice to say, the past few weeks have been a real rollercoaster of emotion to the point where I want to pop a Xanax and just enjoy the ride.

I have been scrambling to get everything together and I hope to update next week with an uploaded Excel sheet (don’t even..) that includes a list of items I will be bringing with me to Grenada. I will be including a link to all forms, necessary info, and personal advice (LOL) in the wildly optimistic hope that it may help a future incoming SGU student.

Stay tuned!

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